University and Blog – update

I hope you missed me!

In today’s post, I’ll explain why I was quiet here. If not for Instagram, then you probably wouldn’t hear what’s going on and how’s everything at University. In September I was so excited that I’m going to University and I was going to do what I love the most. I was overwhelmed, though. When we just started, I got my assignments to do for the first semester, and I thought that was too much for me, but I had to go through this and enjoy the course. I know, just two assignments it’s not a lot, but I just started something new. Lots of people around the world have to face it when they study, and that’s fine. My problem was that I didn’t know how to organise my life. I had to stop for a second and prioritise things around me. System of education in England is entirely different to the one in Poland, and that was another barrier for me. I didn’t have to wait so long because every week was more natural and more comfortable till the deadline in December.
Now it’s January, and we’ve got three big projects on which we will be working on for about three months. Also, we’ve got two other projects which are less demanding but when we put everything all together – it’s quite a lot. But it doesn’t matter. I’m still happy to study photography because this is something which has been accompanying me since I was a child.
You might be wondering why I decided to go to University. Well, education is something that you never stop, and you don’t have to go to University to learn something. Still, at University you can learn things that you won’t learn in any other places.
Another thing is that you get privileges to go to some places and when you’re not a student you don’t have access to photography shows or exhibitions. There are loads of things I like about being a student, but the most important thing is I do it for myself. I want to learn more things and have the ability to get to know people who have the knowledge and experience in photography.
Another thing I’d like to talk to you about is what kind of posts on the blog you can expect. I’d write about my life at University so basically how I manage to study, projects I’m working on and projects I’ve done already. Photography in general, for example, why photography is essential in my life or what cameras I use or – what’s the best digital photography or film.
Another topic is magazines. I’ll continue to do magazine reviews because I want to show you editorials, campaigns and photoshoots. I’ve been doing this for years, and I don’t want to stop it. I will also post from time to time about travel to inspirations.
When it comes to how often I’ll be publishing, definitely every weekend so Saturday or Sunday. If I have time then, I will add another post in the middle of the week, I guess.
I hope you can’t wait for another post!
See you next week.