6 months later…

The latest blog post it’s about six months old, and I own you an explanation. This whole year since January is so crazy, and some of you know what’s going on exactly, but some of you don’t so I’ll do a separate post about what has changed, where I’m going and everything about my goals and plans for a next few years.
It’s so crazy, and I still can’t believe it because it was my dream, and I’ve been scared, but finally, I decided and made the right choice. Since then, I was thinking about my blog, and I thought I should write in English because I’ve got loads of people here and on Instagram speaking English, and another thing is content which I create.
For a long time, I’ve been doing magazines review, and I’ve been focusing more on articles instead of photoshoots, which I adore.
On Instagram, I’ve been following by people who are magazines collectors, and they always talk about covers and photoshoots in magazines, so this is why I decided to go the same way. Now you’ll see more photoshoots and editorials. I have a vision of how it’s going to look like, and you’ll see it very soon, so stay tuned.